Day 128–Garden Update

Our burst of 90 degree weather seems to be making the garden happy! The tomatoes are putting out flowers, as are the bush cucumbers. Our squash plants are just now recovering from our cold snap and have started growing again. Although my little side yard gets the most sun of any location in my yard, it is clear that one side is doing much better than the other. My two plastic raised beds are going gangbusters, but the wooden beds are just puny looking. Weird.

Overall, though, things look pretty healthy. The herbs are doing especially well, with parsley, dill, mint and lemon balm starting to go a little crazy (time for cutting!). Ellie has decided to dry the herbs we don’t use and try making her own teas. Should be a fun project!

Interestingly, the plant that is doing the best is not something we intentionally planted. We have a volunteer squash or cucumber that must have survived the compost bin and it is growing in our flower garden among the hydrageas! Not only did it survive, it looks like it came out of Jurassic Park. It is HUGE!! Too early to tell if it will actually produce something or if it’s all just







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  1. I have violas that relocated themselves from hanging basket to ground very happily (a bird, maybe?). I also have some lantana that raised itself from the dead and just started blooming. No one told the lantana it’s not perennial. Love the veggie garden!
    Also — you asked about a well stocked pantry the other day? I picked up a new blog follower that has a REALLY comprehensive list on her page:
    This lady says she feeds a family of SEVEN on a $400-$500 monthly budget. I don’t even know how that’s possible (and I have the time to make most everything from scratch) unless she is rockin a sustainable farm… not with the appetites these boys here have. Just sayin.


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