Day 53–Fruit Smoothies


What’s for breakfast???

In our house, we like to have breakfast together at the table, even though we are not all…ahem… “morning people”. One of the highlights of our morning is a frozen fruit smoothie. When local fruit is in season, I buy it fresh and store it in the freezer. By this point in the winter, however, it’s all store-bought, organic frozen fruit because the local fruit is long gone. I highly recommend the frozen fruit at Trader Joes, if you have one. Their prices are far below any regular grocery and they have a decent selection. Whole Foods has a better overall selection, but per ounce, their fruit is more expensive.

You can use any fruit for this recipe, but I recommend using frozen fruit instead of raw fruit because the consistency of the smoothie becomes very thick–almost like ice cream. If you’re using bananas, just peel them and stick them in the fridge overnight. But if you like it slushy, then you can adjust the recipe and use raw fruit with ice and make yourself happy! We do not add honey or sugar to our smoothies–the yogurt adds some sweetness and really, fruit is pretty sweet as it is.

We make our smoothies in a blender. Not just a blender, but the blender. A couple of years ago I invested (and I do not use that word lightly) in a VitaMix–the queen of all blenders. VitaMix blenders are flat-out expensive. I purchased mine on Amazon and got the previous year’s model (new) for $250 instead of $450. We have used the heck out of that thing, I tell you. It will puree frozen fruit in about 15 seconds with no huge fruit pieces floating around. As expensive as it was, it has been worth every penny. And at two years of daily use, our per day cost is .34. I can deal with that.

Fruit Smoothies (2 6 oz-ish servings)

  • 2 cups frozen fruit
  • 1 container yogurt (vanilla is always a good choice, but so is coconut!)
  • 2-3 cups soy milk or almond milk (the amount you need depends on the moisture of the fruit)

Put fruit, yogurt and 2 cups of soy milk into blender and blend at high speed. If mixture is too thick, add additional milk as needed and blend.

Scoop into glasses and serve with spoons and/or straws!