Day 257–A Fall Garden


So this weekend was Garden Weekend. Not quite as thrilling as Shark Week, our garden weekend involved pulling up our tomatoes and eggplants, refreshing our raised beds with certified compost, and planting fall and winter vegetables. Also, we spread compost over our front yard, which has been a clay pit, and planted grass seed. Crazy weekend. But 10 cubic yards of compost later, we are ready for some fall growing action! And, we have had some good workouts!

What do you plant in the fall? We have collards, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, book choi, and two kinds of kale. Are we missing something good?

Enjoy this late summer/early fall weather and plant a fall garden for yourself and your family! If you have room for just one thing, I’d plant kale. You can cut it and it will continue to grow so you can harvest all winter! Also, it is an amazing super food.

Happy fall gardening!