Day 214–Your Cookies Will (Probably) Not Explode

Gasoline explosions, simulating bomb drops at ...

A friend sent me this link to a recent Huffington Post article about sugar and salt in our food. The premise is that our taste buds have been altered over time to expect our foods to be sweeter and saltier. It’s a funny piece that also drives home the point that we do indeed have the power to alter recipes, and that (probably) our baked goods won’t explode if we veer from the prescribed levels of sugar and salt.

My only issue with this article is that the sugar and salt levels that are so damaging to our health probably don’t come from home cooked foods. Rather, I believe the use of processed foods and convenience foods are a bigger, more insidious culprit. Still, the article is funny and it’s a good reminder to really think about the recipes we make and to take the time to experiment a little with adjusting ingredients. And it’s good to know that if we do, we don’t need a HAZMAT suit 🙂 Probably.

Click HERE for the article.