Day 318–Locavore Holiday Shopping

So we are on the brink of the holiday shopping season and I’m working on a plan. I don’t know that everyone will enjoy my plan, but we’ll try it and see. As I look around to my family members, it is good to see that none of us really “needs” anything. Thankfully, all the adults are employed and all the children have warm clothing, school supplies and whatever electronics they feel they must have (this, however, is a moving target). So with all the obvious suburban “needs” taken care of, what to do about holiday gift giving? I’d like to focus on the local–local products, local businesses and local experiences. This means very limited mall shopping (I’m making an exception for teen clothing) and finding matches between the people I love and the resources I have locally. Can I do it? Will Christmas morning be a big bust? Who knows, but as I find ideas and resources, I’ll share them with you. You do the same!