Day 198–Cats and Vegetables


We have a stalker in our home. A compost stalker. That stalker of veggie peelings and shavings is Cosmo, our young cat. Despite all the cat books that stress cats as carnivores, this suburban feline apparently also likes a good salad. We are careful to make sure he does not have any onions or garlic (which can cause a life threatening anemia in cats), but the boy sure can put on a pouty face when I’m cutting up cucumber. And broccoli. And kale. And who can refuse that face?

I have a friend whose dog would beg for baby carrots, but I’ve never seen a cat actually beg for vegetables. Maybe it’s the variety or maybe he’s trying to keep his boyish figure, but I like that he wants to indulge in the fresh, local veggies we’re bringing home. The problem? Keeping him out of our little compost basket where we put our evening’s extras before taking them outside.

Now if only I could get the dog involved…