Day 178–Peevish at the Market

I headed out today to the new-ish Downtown Cary Farmers Market, excited that I have a market I can ride my bike to. How cool is that??? Well, not so cool as it turns out. The market does have one meat/egg vendor, a honey producer and mushrooms–that is great, especially the mushrooms.

Otherwise, the vendor section is pretty limited compared to other farmers markets (about 12 vendors with roughly 1/2 farmers and 1/2 crafts). Still, it’s new so that’s ok! What is absolutely NOT Ok are all the dogs. I love dogs and have one in my family, but I know better than to take her to an open market. Even one of the farmers has a large doberman at his stall. This is not only against best practice for markets, it was also a bit intimidating to a couple of older ladies shopping.

So what’s the problem with dogs at the market?

I found a vendor with heirloom tomatoes and waited my turn behind a woman with a large dog. The dog proceeded to sniff and lick potatoes and tomatoes. Gross. Not only did the dog lady not curb her dog, she spoke to it in baby talk, “Does that smell goooood?” I moved on, picked up a few tomatoes at another stall and left. I’ll be sending a letter this week, since I couldn’t find a market manager.

Most farmers markets in our area ban dogs from the tented vendor areas where food is on display and sold. I thought this was a Health Dept issue, but maybe that is not correct. With food safety such an issue, what’s up with the Downtown Cary Farmers Market??? I’m glad I tried it, but I’ll stick to the markets who use healthier food protocol. Still skeeved out.