Day 109–What’s On Your Plate? Review

Worlds can be rocked by a single, ripe tomato.

The transformative nature of fresh tomatoes is the start of a wonderful documentary by two New York 11year olds titled “What’s On Your Plate?”. The documentary starts with two middle school girls on vacation wondering why their farm fresh tomato tastes so much better than the tomatoes they buy in their local neighborhood market in New York City. Their journey takes them to farms, farmer’s markets, their school cafeteria, and their local grocery wondering where their food comes from, how it impacts their bodies, why access to fresh food is not equal across all neighborhoods and lastly, what the heck is a funion.

I went to the screening with my family and some of our scout troop expecting a nice and probably quirky documentary. I did not expect the level of depth, analysis and research present in the film. To say I was impressed is an understatement. These two girls (and the people who helped them) did a wonderful job of taking a complex topic like our food production system and breaking it down into understandable, but still thoughtful segments. The screening was sponsored by Advocates for Health in Action and the Town of Cary. Thanks to them for making this resource available!

Even better, the What’s On Your Plate Project website has games, activities and now there is even a book to help families keep learning! You can also watch a 10 minute piece of the film.

This is highly recommended watching!


Day 103–What’s On Your Plate?

I heart Advocates for Health in Action (AHA). I think I’ve learned more from this local non-profit than I have from any other single source. Their acronym, when pronounced (Aha!) is a sound I make frequently when learning from them–how convenient! We enjoyed the Dig In! conference on community gardening last month and I picked many healthy fundraising ideas from a recent workshop. Now, we have another opportunity for family learning through a public screening of a documentary called “What’s On Your Plate?”.

“What’s On Your Plate?” is a 75 minute documentary produced by two 11-year-old girls. That’s right–11 year olds. Inspired by a really great local tomato they had while on vacation, the girls decided to explore why their fresh farm tomato tasted better than what they found in their local market. This led to a fuller exploration of where food comes from, how it is processed and how it gets to your table. Really, any documentary that investigates funyuns is ok in my book–I still can’t figure those things out.

The screening is free (reservations required, click HERE) on Tuesday, April 17th at the Cary Arts Center. Doors open at 6:00 and community booths, including Great Harvest Bread Co., the Cary Pocket Garden and others will be on hand with goodies. The film starts at 6:30 and is followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with a pediatrician, nutritionist and others. If you complete a challenge following the film, you can enter to win all kinds of healthy prizes. I saw a preview of the film and it looks wonderful–funny, smart and engaging–just like the young ladies who produced it. We will post a review of the film after seeing the full production, but if this is showing in your area, you might want to take advantage of it!