Day 341–SOLE Food

20120419-081249.jpgI’ve been struggling a bit with a semantics issue. We use the term “locavore” to describe how we have shifted our normal eating pattern. But sometimes that doesn’t quite capture it. If Whole Foods has a special on grass-fed bison, I may pick some up because bison is healthier than beef, tastes good and the meat is humanely raised and processed. But it may not be “local”.  Or we may purchase sugar, which is not local, but may be organic and minimally processed. So how do we describe that?

I came across another blog using the acronym SOLE to describe food choices (Sustainable, Organic, Local and/or Ethically sourced). The more I think about that, the more I like it. While our first priority is local, organic food, we also have the priority of purchasing sustainable and ethically sourced food that may or may not be local. Great to know that there are so many others thinking this through as well!

As we near the end of our Year of Healthier Living, I’ll be thinking about what to do with our blog–should we rename it and begin again? Tweak it a bit? Hmmm, lot’s of decisions to be made!

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  1. Definitely keep it going whatever you do!! Love your blog and all the smart insight + recipes + fun ways to involve the kiddies in the process. SOLE is a clever acronym and it also helps you to expand what you’re eating without feeling riddled with guilt over semantics. When locally sourced food is your priority, making the rest of your food choices GOOD ones seems to be the natural progression. Thanks for all your menu planning and vegetable hoarding!!

  2. My French Heaven

     /  December 6, 2012

    Inspiring basket there!

  3. P.S. Someone sent me this to share on my site, but I thought you’d dig it:

  4. We find that the acryonym works well for us :)!


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