Day 200-Heading to the Beach/Foodie Vacation

I’m getting ready to head to the beach with my family and one of Ellie’s friends. A WHOLE WEEK!!! Haven’t had a whole week off in a year. Can’t wait!!!

Now, we are taking some local produce with us in the form of potato salad, fruit salad and cucumber salad. We’ll also take some fresh tomatoes for sandwiches, and I’m bringing homemade peach salsa and tomato sauce. Other than that, though, my goal is to not work at cooking and not worry about food so much. We still won’t have soda, Doritos, Cheetos or other highly processed snack foods. We will however, have refrigerated biscuit dough, marshmallow fluff, frozen chinese food from Trader Joes and brownies. I think we’ll survive.

My goal is for Ellie and company to make dinner two nights during our stay. Their menu items include monkey bread pizza and spaghetti tacos, both served with s’more hand pies. I plan to enjoy every second and not count any calories or point out any nutritional deficiencies in our meals. We’ll see if I live up to that!

So have a wonderful week and I will post again on day 210!

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  1. Have a wonderful time my friend – enjoy with family, friends and food 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Hope you have a great time. We’re at the beach too and I so needed it.

  3. back to the grind. We actually brought most of our menu with us. It worked out well. Wish I had more photos cause we fed 11 people for cheeeeeap. I stopped at this cute little place on the mainland in Oak Island and thought of you– big hand-painted sign advertising organic local produce… I was thrilled!!! We were going to buy all our produce for the week there. But it was a total let down. All I got out of the experience was one bangin Cherokee purple tomato and a lot of hay in my flip flops. Hope your trip was great!!

    • Trip was great and we ate a LOT!! We brought most of our food, too. Much cheaper and easier that way!! We stopped at Wilber’s bbq on the way back and they were selling SC peaches. I guess that’s better than South American peaches, but still, What the…? Glad you had a great time!!!


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