Day 170–A Locavore’s Lunch–Chuck’s


It’s been a while since I’ve eaten out at lunch–I have been pretty good about bringing my lunch to work (usually leftovers) and lately I’ve had quite a few no-time-for-lunch days. So I was glad to head out with some fun ladies to Chuck’s, a local restaurant featuring hamburgers made from house ground, locally sourced, pasture-raised beef. Yep. All burgers, all the time. Well, and veggie burgers, too. I haven’t had a hamburger in a LONG time and let me tell you, it was GOOD.

Chuck’s is owned by local celebrity chef Ashley Christenson. Her restaurants and bars always have a hip vibe, creative food and mostly locally sourced ingredients. Trendy? Yes. Good? Yes. I don’t mind paying a bit for a burger if it is amazing (you’ve already heard my rants about paying a whole lot for nothing–that irks me).

I had a burger called The High and The Valley–a half pound (yes!) of ground beef with crushed avocado, bacon-onion jam and roasted red peppers. Along with a pile o’ fries. Oh. My. Goodness. My friends had the veggie burger with mozzarella/tomato/basil (high ratings), and The Dirty South–a burger topped with pulled pork chili, crispy onions, roasted tomato slaw, Ashe County cheddar and mustard. The beef at Chuck’s comes from North Carolina and is ground in-house. At $9 for the burger and $2.50 for the fries, it isn’t a cheap lunch, but it is very, very good and immensely satisfying if you need a burger fix and you are REALLY hungry. I was so full that I easily skipped dinner and that is highly unusual for me.

After waddling our way back to work, we decided that sometimes, you just gotta. At least we got our meat fix with local beef, local produce and a locally owned restaurant! Chuck’s goes on my “highly recommend” list for sure. Yum-a-licious.

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  1. And then it was time for a nap 🙂
    I could reeeeally go for a big fat cheeseburger with a pile of fries right now. Bacon onion jam sounds like heaven.

  1. Grass-fed Beef Burgers with Bacon-Onion Marmalade « SOLE Food Kitchen

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