Day 151–Of Pets and Fleas

Ok, this is a situation where I can use your help. It seems that the warm winter combined with a sneaky cat who escapes outside has resulted in fleas for both our dog and cat. Yes, they are on flea and heartworm medication year round, but apparently the combination of resistance to flea products and a year ’round breeding cycle have given us a killer flea season. I’ve had my dog for 8 years and this is just the second time we’ve had this problem. HELP! Our vet has loads of toxic sprays and chemicals we can use (and really, I’m about ready to dive in), but I thought I would see what success any of you have had with remedies that may not be so toxic (to mammals that is, the fleas I want dead).

Your thoughts? Post quickly!

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  1. wish I had some ideas… what’s Google say? Google can be pretty wise sometimes…

  2. Grrr, what horror! I hope you find a cure soon my friend!
    If I had a pet, I would be searching up for you!

    Choc Chip Uru


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