Day 143–Heading Our for a Healthy Holiday and An Award!

It seems like last month that my Sweet T and I said our vows to each other–I have no idea where the last three years have gone. After two very stressful and hectic weeks, we are heading out to the mountains for some much-needed R&R. Thanks to our Produce Box and a quick trip to the farmer’s market, we’re heading out stocked with yummy local goodies. We’re taking steak, chicken, zucchini, squash, broccoli, asparagus and new potatoes. The lady who rents the cabin leaves us with a wonderful homemade apple cake, so no taking dessert for us! Hope the weather cooperates so we can grill and eat outside!

Before we hit the road, I want to thank Rachel of Rachel’s Table for a wonderful award. After a really miserable couple of weeks, it was a real boost to get her post that she has bestowed on my blog The Lovely Blog Award. I love her blog and you should definitely check it out. She’s another local foodie who is in search of a healthier, more sustainable food system. I feel like I have a kindred spirit in Delaware!

Now, according to the blogosphere award rules, I must share with you 7 random things about myself and pass the award on to others. Ready? Here are 7 random things:

  1. I hate clowns. Really, really hate them.
  2. If I could pick anywhere in the world to live, it would be Corniglia, Italy.
  3. I am a terrible singer. And I sing VERY LOUDLY in the car. This is embarrassing when I forget I have the windows rolled down.
  4. I was once chased by a llama. It haunts me to this day.
  5. I really do think my cat can read my mind. One day he will show up with either a clown or a llama just to torture me for putting that flea stuff on his back.
  6. Babies are the most beautiful creatures in the world.
  7. My guilty pleasure is Nutella and a dishy gossip magazine.

Ok, that’s my 7. Now here are some very cool bloggers you might be interested in following!

Domestic Diva M.D.–You have to love someone whose blog states “My mother raised the perfect housewife…then I went to med school.” Her observations about medical school and food are hilarious and the recipes are wonderful!

In Her Chucks–A young mom, committed to healthy, sustainable food–she is where I wish I had been in our journey 11 years ago!

Trailer Trashtastic–This exploration of how to beautify your surroundings is a valuable blog for those of us who strive to want to make smaller spaces more efficient and beautiful.

Go Bake Yourself–Chocolate…and more chocolate. YUM! This young lady is going places, I tell you! I get so hungry every time I read her blog!

Hot Rod Cowgirl–I have never seen photos more lovely than this blog. Wow. Makes me look at the sky a whole new way.

Soulsby Farm–A sweet story of a little farm and a good view into what is going on at sustainable farms near you!

Check out these wonderful blogs. Thanks again to Rachel’s Table for the award! Now, pardon me, I’m off to the mountains!

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  1. Awwww you remembered Trailer Trashtastic!!! Haha now I need a new post over there… So many projects, so little time. Congratulations and have a super weekend!!! My sister wandered around the Parkway yesterday and took pictures with both a tree that looks like a giant deer AND a waterfall. And now you with the cabin… 🙂 We are pretty fortunate to have such gorgeous places not far from home. Thanks again for the award!

  2. I hope you have a fabulous holiday my friend, it will be a blast 😀
    Congrats on receiving this award and you are very sweet to pass it on to me – thank you so much!

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. Have a great break and congrats on the award!

  1. Technical Jargon « Go Bake Yourself
  2. Feelin’ the Love… « In Her Chucks

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