Day 141–School Lunch Activism…in Scotland

You know, I am absolutely amazed by the power of young people to advocate for themselves in really clever ways. I recently came across this blog by nine-year-old Martha Payne in Scotland whose calm and thoughtful approach is to do nothing more than catalog what she is actually served for lunch each day. Her blog is causing some controversy in Scotland about school meals. She is really pretty awesome. Check out her blog!

If you could change something about food in your community, what would it be?

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  1. I have a nine-year-old. I think he’d need my help, but he would be so psyched to do something so grown up! Kids are brilliant.

  2. What a great idea! I love that she is interested in healthiness of her lunch – or perhaps, the lack of healthiness – and also just adds typical kid stuff like “usually the cakes are all iced but today we had a choice . . . . I chose iced!”

  3. You know I always love your blog! That’s why I nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award.


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