Day 139–Changing My Mind…Again

a slow cooker Oval Crock Pot

I remember an old-fashioned saying that it is a woman’s right to change her mind. Well, dang it, I’m taking that right and running with it this week. After carefully choosing a menu and working out the shopping and budget, I find that the planning gods have been laughing at my attempts to pin down our family schedule. So, for the first week, we are “winging it.”

Since our pork roast never made it out of the freezer in time for Sunday supper, I have changed my mind and we are having it as a crock pot barbecue, pulled pork dinner instead. My family won’t be around for Tuesday dinner, so I’m on my own–abandoned for math tutoring and softball. This means either scrambled eggs or oatmeal instead of whatever the heck I had planned. This week has been so chaotic I don’t even remember anymore.

Here’s the deal though. Whatever I have in the refrigerator or pantry is most likely local, healthy and delicious. So, even if we are three individuals left on our own to scrounge up something for supper this week, whatever it is will not be bad for us and it will certainly be better than anything fast food. This is one week where I am glad to have a freezer full of put up food and a crock pot full of Homestead Farm pork shoulder. The pork quesadillas may end up as burritos eaten on the run or maybe we will all eat cereal and freeze the barbecue, but we’ll all get fed and we’ll all get through this week. Thank goodness for freezers, for farmers and for upcoming holiday weekends!


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  1. food4five

     /  May 21, 2012

    Sounds like my kind of planning!

    • Well, thank goodness for Epicurious and AllRecipes–they sure do provide helpful recipes for random ingredients!

      • You are so right! I used to spend hours reading my cookbooks for inspiration – now a few minutes on the computer or my Nook and I’m good to go!

      • You are so right! I used to spend hours reading my cookbooks for inspiration – now a few minutes on the computer or my Nook and I’m good to go!

      • I keep telling my husband I need an ipad because I have to go search for my reading glasses to cook recipes from my phone 🙂

      • Umm… I rely on my NookColor – got an Epi app for it…. not quite so pricy as the iPad…

  2. I second the Nook Color notion. It’s super! But don’t download the cookbooks. They’re lame.


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