Day 120–Starting Week 17–Budget and Menu

I thought I had my menu for the week worked out and then the temperatures dropped back into the upper 50s. Yes, I could still grill outside, but I’m wimping out. Week 16 was supposed to end with grilled beef and vegetable kabobs, but in the end, I made beef stew. It seemed to fit the weather conditions better and (since it was made in the crock pot) it was easier as well. And it made good use of my carrots from the Produce Box last week. And, thanks to someone who signed up for The Produce Box and listed me as their referral, I got a nice $12.00 discount on this week’s box of veggies (THANK YOU whoever you are!!!). This week’s budget looks great at $84.54!!! Here is our budget for this week:

  • The Produce Box (all organic this week! double lettuce, peas, onions, swiss chard, kale, garlic, rutabega): $14
  • Fickle Creek Farms (Boston butt): $20
  • Coon Rock Farm (smoked bacon): $10
  • Farmer’s Market, misc. (cucumbers, tomatoes): $5.00
  • Trader Joes (red wine vinegar, gruyere cheese, mozzerella cheese, frozen fruit, yogurt, organic half and half): $32.54
  • Great Harvest Bread Co. (honey whole wheat sandwich bread): FREE!
  • La Farm Bakery (Italian bread): $3.00

What’s on the menu of eats this week? Here it is! I’m still trying to figure out what to do with rutabegas…

  • Sunday–Roasted beet salad, bread
  • Monday–Crock pot pulled pork barbeque, salad
  • Tuesday–Asparagus and gruyere quiche, salad
  • Wednesday–Swiss chard and mushrooms with eggs
  • Thursday–BLT sandwiches, salad, carrots
  • Friday–Leftover cleanup night
  • Saturday–Family pizza challenge, salad

Here’s hoping for warmer temperatures and some sunshine!! Have a terrific and healthy week!

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  1. I have a question about how you manage the meal planning, which is kind of amazing to me, truthfully. Your planned meals and market purchases always seem to align perfectly, something I can’t ever manage even without putting the kind of self-imposed parameters on myself that you have for this year. If you’re shopping at the market first & buying what’s available and looks good, how do you avoid making umpteen additional trips once you’ve picked a recipe and realized you really need some other ingredient you failed to anticipate? And if you start with the meal ideas, how do you deal with the fact that once you get to the farmers market, you may not be able to find some of what you thought would be there? I know you’re a more experienced cook than me and can probably improvise a good bit, but even so . . .
    This doesn’t need an immediate answer, BTW. Maybe it’s a future post. But I think that the logistics of this — rather than the circumscribed ingredients — would be the absolute hardest thing for me if I tried to emulate your experiment.

  2. Karen Ponder

     /  April 29, 2012

    Roast the rutabagas!

  3. Looks delicious! How do you plan for lunch and breakfast?

    • Breakfast is usually toast (ezekial bread or Great Harvest whole wheat) muffins or pancakes plus fruit smoothies (fruit, yogurt and soy milk). Lunch is sandwiches or leftovers from dinners. My husband loves cereal for lunch, so that’s pretty easy!! Dinners are our biggest expense, especially since I try to make enough to cover lunches.

  4. Question: How much smoked bacon do you get for $10? And how can I get my hands on some of that free honey wheat bread? 🙂 Beautiful menu, as always.

    • I get a pound for $10 and we all agree it is worth every penny. And Great Harvest Bread Co is great about giving out coupons at events. It seems like we see them everywhere we go! I really need to start giving them out to other people cause it’s a little ridiculous after a while 🙂

  5. Beef stew sounds like a great alternative to the kabobs! Our weather is so inconsistent right now, so you’re smart to be flexible! I don’t believe I’ve ever had rutabagas.


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