Day 83–Healthy School Fundraisers and Wellness

The universe has presented me with an opportunity. Three actually. Life is funny that way, isn’t it?

The first is an upcoming, free workshop on healthy school fundraisers, offered by the organization Advocates for Health in Action. Considering my last rant about selling vats of raw cookie dough for the band, this was perfect timing. Not only is the workshop free and timely, it will be held about 2 miles from my home in Cary! I am registered and ready to go! And since I can’t take you all with me (although that would be beyond fun!), I’ll share what I learn here, just in case you can use the information.

The second is a possible new fundraiser for the band. I contacted the band director and asked if maybe a benefit concert by the steel drum band would raise money for their upcoming trip. Seems like a win-win–we can encourage school spirit and raise some money while the steel drum band gets extra practice. And it doesn’t involve asking people to buy raw cookie dough. He’s looking into it! Putting my time where my mouth is, I offered to help if it works out. I really hope it does.

The third opportunity is to start a Wellness Committee at Ellie’s school. I haven’t done anything like this, so this is new territory. We have a relatively new PTA board coming in as well as a new principal, so the timing may be right to get something started! I’m thinking of a school committee that would involve parents, teachers and students to identify and address issues that are significant to a middle school population. The current PTA board is encouraging, so I’m moving ahead with a proposal. We’ll see!

Sometimes, when I think the universe is not paying attention, I find that I am really the one who needs to pay attention and be mindful of what is around me. Rather than curse the darkness, I will light a candle. Or maybe three. 


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  1. I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award because I found your blog to be simply awesome and delicious – come check it out here:
    Congrats 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Awesome initiative. Sign me up 🙂

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