Day 52–The Sweet Potato Experiment

Sometimes things that seem simple and straightforward are, upon further contemplation, the very things that rock my world. So today, rather than a didactic posting about how our food supply is corrupted on so many levels and how concerned I am about what we are putting into ourselves and our children, I thought I would share this video with you. On the surface, it is a cute science experiment conducted by a little girl and her grandmother. Dig deeper and it is really about what food is available to us in the grocery store, even those foods labeled “organic”.

The video isn’t long, so I hope you watch it. It really reinforced to me the importance of our family journey, and gave me some extra motivation to keep going!

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  1. What a brilliant adorable little girl!!! I have seen evidence of this right in my face– no science projects required. I live near an itty bitty NC town (one stop light) and I worked at the little store there for several years. We sold local produce and ALWAYS had sweet potatoes. There were so many people that came to buy the budding sweet potatoes for their home gardens that we started seperating them out. The potatoes at the grocery store don’t do that! But they should.

    • That is awesome, Heather! One of the most disturbing aspects of this is that the importance of a blemish-free, sprout-free potato is more important than the health of the people eating them. Really, are we so scared of a potato sprout that we would rather risk cancer?

      • I could ALWAYS tell the people that had no idea what they were looking at when they turned their noses up at the sprouty potatoes and crazy looking tomatoes and cucumbers and asked if we had any better produce. Psshaw! You won’t find any better produce! Cause things out of the garden are not genetically engineered for beauty, but oh my are they good!

      • It is true. You would think we would know by now that how perfect something looks on the outside has nothing to do with how good it is on the inside. The ugliest tomato is often the best tasting!

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