Day 43–Starting Week 7–Budget and Menu


There’s something about this time of year, when winter stubbornly refuses to let go and the trees look bare and forlorn. I remember the story of Persephone the goddess of spring, and her bargain with Hades. In exchange for being his reluctant bride in the underworld, he would grant her six months of freedom on the earth’s surface. It seems the earth is all in anticipation of spring’s return.

Our menu feels the same weary anticipation. A little tired of collards, sweet potatoes, cabbage and apples, we are wishing for spring lettuce, asparagus and tender peas. And strawberries… We’re sticking with the plan though, and have resisted strawberries from Mexico and greens from California. They will sure taste wonderful when they’re available locally again!

We did just barely go over our budget this week. Here’s how it broke out:

Fickle Creek Farm (pork loin): $16
Locals Seafood (rockfish): $13
Heaven on Earth Organics (collards, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, beets, cucumber): $20
Hillsborough Cheese Co (ricotta, sweet ash): $12
Trader Joes (frozen fruit, yogurt, beans, shallots, organic diced tomato, ground turkey): $43

Total for week 7: $104

Here’s the menu for the week:

Sunday–turkey chili and cornbread
Monday–pasta w/roasted vegetables and ricotta
Tuesday–grilled pork loin chops, sweet potato, collards
Wednesday–pan seared rockfish, brussel sprouts
Thursday–leftover chili
Friday–pasta con le sarde (w/sardines)
Saturday–date night

Have a wonderful week! Here’s to being one week closer to Persephone’s return!

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