Day 37–Local Produce and Art

And now, for something different…

Fresh, local, sustainable food nourishes our bodies, but art nourishes our soul. Artist Joe Wirtheim of Portland, Oregon has an inspired series of food posters that harken back to the Victory Garden movement of the 1940s. His “Victory Garden of Tomorrow” series is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I thought I would share them with you because being a healthy person is more than just eating right–it also includes seeing beauty and possibility in the world around you.

You can find the series on Wirtheim’s website, or on Etsy at his online shop I love these prints–vintage, yet focusing on the issues with today’s food supply. Here is what Joe Wirtheim has to say:

I call my art project “The Victory Garden of Tomorrow.” It is a self-commissioned poster campaign designed to channel the bold energy of historical poster propaganda. It is committed to civic innovation and social progress — better food, better gardens, and better cities. It is design, politics and whimsy for the modern home front. [more on the web site].

I think these posters, cards and t-shirts are really inspired and inspirational. My favorite is the girl hugging a chicken. Or the atomic greens. Or the floursack dish towels…Or…

Check out his website!

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