Day 14–Farmer’s Market Spotlight–Rare Earth Farms

Beef cattle at Polyface Farm.

While I was on my very brisk mission to the farmer’s market today, I met Jennifer with Rare Earth Farms, a local farm partnership, and thought I would introduce you to this wonderful, family-owned resource for local beef and lamb.

Rare Earth Farms is a story of farmers and friends. Mann Mullen of Bunn and Karl Hudson of Zebulon, are friends and farmers whose shared interest in sustainable agriculture and the humane treatment of animals led them to found Rare Earth Farms. Their beef is pasture raised (on grass), pasture finished on grass, antibiotic free, steroid free and without preservatives or colorings.

Recently, Mann and Karl entered into a partnership with another friend, Carvel Cheves, who raises lamb with the same care and standards that Mann and Karl put into their beef. Carvel was also inducted into the NC Livestock Hall of Fame, so now you can get your lamb kabob meat from a celebrity (and he is probably much nicer than Kim Kardashian, just sayin’).

Rare Earth Farms has a meat CSA that they are starting in February, or you can find them at the State Farmer’s Market. You can find a price list and contact number on their website as well, so you can preorder what you need (including, apparently, a whole carcass). I may try some lamb soon and I will let you know how that is.

Here is the website, if you’re interested:

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