Day 7–The Winter Farmer’s Market part 2

We are a carnivorous family. Actually, we are ominovores, but we like our veggies with some animal on the side, and I probably have the only child who called bison jerky “meat candy.” (Apologies to my vegetarian friends, but that’s how we roll).

But reading the blogs, papers, websites, books, etc., it is clear that our mass produced food supply–especially our meat production–is out of control and often dangerous. When the government (after quite a long lag time) has to tell some meat producers NOT to inject ammonia into meat to keep ecoli at bay, you know there is trouble.

Happy pigs at Mae Farm

So finding high quality, locally produced meat is essential to our journey. We agree that eating less meat that is of higher quality is a good tradeoff. I’ve blogged about Farmhand Foods already and Whole Foods is a good, albeit expensive source as well. On my recent trip to the Farmer’s Market, though, I found that several local meat producers, including Mae Farms of Louisburg, NC ( had set up shop. What a great find!

Mae Farms raises hogs, cattle and chickens on pasture, humanely, and with no antibiotics, growth hormones or animal sourced food. In fact, Mae Farms sells to Whole Foods, but at the Farmer’s Market you can get the same products for a bit less. In talking with the folks at Mae Farms, I realize what a treasure we have in North Carolina (and you probably have this in your state, too). Small production farmers who want to producde high quality food and maintain a lifestyle they love. I purchased some barbeque they made as well as bacon and fresh eggs. Can’t wait to try them next week!

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