Day 4–The Coffee Question

Afrikaans: Geroosterde pitte van die koffiepla...

It all started with Splenda. I suggested to my truly wonderful (and remarkably vice-free) husband that eliminating toxins from our diets included the Splenda he used in his morning coffee. He thought about this. He did some research on his own. He agreed. And he very patiently–very carefully–suggested that maybe we needed to rethink the whole issue of coffee itself.

You would need to understand my coffee habits to understand the brave nature of this conversation. One of my worst vices is coffee. I drink lots of coffee. I could drink it all day. My morning coffee mug is a sturdy piece of NC pottery that could easily double as a vase. For reals.

But, if we are looking at improving our overall health and eating/drinking sustainably, everything should come up for discussion. Even coffee. While coffee does have some antioxidants and research indicates that small amounts of coffee can benefit the heart, I don’t think the patients in those studies were drinking out of small vases. And coffee, even fair trade coffee, does have a pretty big carbon footprint since the coffee we buy isn’t grown anywhere near here. So, my husband has decided to give up coffee altogether and I am working toward drinking one normal size cup of coffee AFTER drinking a glass of water in the morning. Maybe I’ll switch to organic green tea instead, but one step at a time.

In the meantime, I have two new vases with handles 🙂

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