Day 2–Can We Eat Sustainably on $100 a Week?

One of our questions to ourselves is “can we eat a diet of primarily sustainable, locally produced foods and stay on our budget?” In all honesty, I’ve never been good about sticking to a grocery budget. Even with a list in hand, I’m easily tempted by Trader Joes’ endless selection of interesting foods and usually come out with more than is on my list. But I am resolving to be more mindful of what I purchase and what we cook, so here goes!

Our budgeted amount for groceries is $100 per week. This always seems like a huge sum of money to me, but I think part of my brain is living in the 1980s still, because it is quite easy to spend that much unless we buy a lot of processsed foods using coupons. So, can we manage that while eating a cleaner diet?

This week’s grocery bill came to $128.36, but that included a most awesome locally produced standing rib roast (Whole Foods) that we made for New Year’s Eve and a bottle of organic Merlot (Trader Joes), both unusual purchases for us. The prime rib made two meals for us and made the dog (the recipient of the bones) extremely happy. We plan to pack our lunches all week except for one day using leftovers from our dinners. 

So, we are at a deficit of $28.36 for the week, but saved some money by not going out on New Year’s Eve and have locally produced or organic meals planned for the week. Our meals are heavy on veggies and beans and low on meat. Maybe I’m rationalizing, but it seems like we’re doing ok so far.

Next Post…finding resources outside of the grocery store.

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