What Does “Healthier” Mean?

We are a regular, suburban family living in Cary, North Carolina. This year, we are embarking on a journey to see if our family of 3 can eat, drink and live healthier for a year. Because that’s a pretty vague goal, we’re identifying “healthier” as:

  1. Eliminating (or at least dramatically reducing) the toxins and chemicals we use in our home. Seriously, have you read the ingredients in Pine-Sol? Or Diet Coke?
  2. Buying (and eating) locally produced vegetables and meat for at least 75% of our meals.
  3. Walking to destinations that are 1 mile or less from our home instead of driving. Biking when possible and safe.
  4. Not spending outside our food budget for high quality, locally produced food. This will be the most challenging, I think.

Along the way, I am sure we will make many mistakes and learn a lot about our culture and ourselves. Join us for the journey!

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  1. I love your definition of the term HEALTHY! Too often we fail to realize the chemicals that surround us on a daily basis! Good luck to you and your family! Once you get into it, you will find that it is much easier than you think! 🙂


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